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1.7L Cordless Electric Borosilicate Glass Kettle with Blue LED Light, 360° Swivel Base and Auto Boil-Dry Shut-Off

51.30 USD

1050W Multifunction 3 in 1 Breakfast Machine, 9L Electric Mini Oven, 600ML Coffee Maker and Eggs Frying pan Household

52.88 USD

1800Watt 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Juice and Blender for Juices, Smoothies, Shakes, Meat, Vegetables Kitchen Appliance

100.00 USD
Black Blender
Blue Blender
Red Blender

300 Watt Portable Electrical Blender for Smoothies Juice Fruit Mixer Squeezer and Blender for Home Office and Gym

91.80 USD

350 Watt Electrical Egg Cooker Boiler 7 Egg Capacity with Safe Lid

21.87 USD

3500 Watt Ceramic Portable Electrical Induction Stove Cooker with Digital Display Panel & Touch Button

40.00 USD

5.0L Capacity 1500-Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer Oil Free Nonstick Cooker

76.00 USD

5.5L Capacity – 2000Watt Hot Air Fryer Oil Free Nonstick Cooker

112.00 USD

550 Watt Electric Coal Charcoal Starter Burner for Hookah, Shisha, BBQ, Fire Starter, Coal Burner

11.03 USD

650Watt Electric Pancake and Crepe Maker

13.50 USD

700 Watt Powerful Blender, 4 speeds Mixer Vegetable Juice Smoothie Baby Food Maker Crusher Portable Blender

86.40 USD

800Watt Electric Coffee Machine For The Perfect Coffee Taste

29.90 USD
Black Pan
Pink Pan

850 Watt 3-Section Non-Stick Multi-functional Pan

25.20 USD

Compact and Portable Gas Stove With 1 Burner

11.03 USD

Compact and Portable Gas Stove With 2 Burners

20.48 USD